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In 2011 LivingCreations began in our garage in Ceres, California as Christmas gifts for our friends and family. People liked them so much, they wanted to purchase them for gifts. Soon our local nursery carried them, and we were advised to take them to Succulent Gardens in Castroville, California. Succulent Gardens became our biggest customer and supporter. They referred us to many new customers.

​In 2015 we had outgrown our garage, and our neighbors' patience, so it seemed. We had the opportunity to buy a small home in Modesto, California with a shop in the back under a large walnut tree. We put our house in Ceres up for sale in April, and by May 15th we were living in the new place with the cats and the dogs and no kitchen, no bathroom and no electricity. The dogs sat in the car every day, waiting to go home. And the orders kept coming in. We hired Brandon, a full-time person to help us out.  

​It's hard to believe a year has passed. 2016 and the dogs no longer wait in the care to go home. They are home, and so are we. We lost a couple cats (one to old age) and gained a couple more. And the orders keep coming in. Our son Everette has joined the team again, helping build and design our frames. We are very pleased about that. 

Two of our feral rescues. In back  is Jon Snow, who went through the Stanislaus Feral Cat Program. And in front is our newest, Daisy Duke who we fostered through the Cat Network of Stanislaus, then adopted.  Super cuddly kitties.  You can see their tipped ears, which means they have been fixed.

The Gift That Keeps on Growing

Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center

Caring for injured and orphaned native wild animals so they can be released back into their natural habitat.