The Gift That Keeps on Growing



Please do not judge our reusable wreath form by the amateur attempts at crafting.

Wreath Form Patent D686939S



New Wreath Design

​Fall wreath made with pine cones and acorns collected and glued onto

​material  covered wreath form.

The Question:  Can you come up with a better succulent wreath form? The Answer:  Yes!

We were asked to design a wreath form that was suitable for planting succulent wreaths. So Brian got to work on it. What he came up with, however, was a reusable wreath form made out of partially recycled plastic, suitable for any kind of wreath, centerpiece or candelabra you could dream up, as well as succulent wreaths, centerpieces and candelabras.

The black plastic, while not very aesthetically appealing to the eye, is light weight and can be used over and over again. The form has holes for planting succulents, fake flowers or dried flowers. It can be filled with moss, floral foam or left empty. It can have a flat back, or two halves can be attached to make a three dimensional wreath form. Items can be glued directly to the form, or wrap the form in material or ribbon before adding your items. Then, take it apart and make a completely new wreath design.


New Wreath Design

​Moss-filled in corner of wreath for echevaria and sedum succulents.

​Pine cones and naturally dried

​Gomphrena Globe flower